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Now e>text makes SMS as easy and as powerful as email

e>text: what is it?

e>text is a powerful new service that sends text messages from email to mobile phone. It provides a new method of contacting customers and colleagues and this page explains in simple, practical terms how companies can use e>text to communicate more effectively and save time and money.

How e>text can save you time and money

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Some business uses for e>text

e>text is commonly used for:

  • managing field sales/ maintenance forces more>>
  • "server down" automatic alerting more>>
  • direct promotional Text Message campaigns more>>
  • medical appointment reminders more>>
  • logistics delivery and despatch organisations more>>

e>text for contacting field sales / maintenance forces

e>text lets you reach your entire field force as easily as just one member of staff. e>text lets you:

  • send an Text Message from your email
  • receive an acknowledgement when the message is received
  • receive replies back to your email inbox.
  • group individuals in your address book.

e>text for "server down" automatic alerting

With business becoming more and more dependent on their IT infrastructures, if your servers go down, your business goes down. Most server-monitoring software has built-in facilities to send email to technicians. With e>text you can easily convert these alert emails to alert Text messages to Service Technicians mobile phones.

e>text for promotional Text Message campaigns

e>text is great for promotional text Message campaigns:

  • it integrates very simply and easily with email-based direct email tools
  • it provides Free and zero lead time Response numbers. All e>texts can be replied to. Most other Text Message marketing systems call for dedicated response numbers which are slow and expensive to set up. Also dedicated response numbers have only limited capacity.

Use "teasers" along with direct mail/email or use direct mail/email and Text a follow-up to boost the effectiveness of your advertising.

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e>text for appointment reminders

Failing to attend appointments costs businesses millions of pounds a year. Research has shown that sending a Text message reminder dramatically improves attendance rates. Moreover, patients can reply directly to an e>text to confirm their attendance or otherwise.

e>text for Service & Repair Centres

Advise your customers that the work on their vehicle or appliance is completed and is now available for collection. Remind customers of bookings made. Gain speedy, documented, authorisation from the customer for unforseen spend on essential parts.

e>text for delivery and despatch organisations

e>text is an ideal tool for managing a fleet of delivery/despatch vehicles. It allows the dispatcher access to the full coverage of the national cellular network via the simplicity and familiarity of their email package. e>text makes it easy to "broadcast" a message to a group of vehicles and to collect replies. The dispatcher can:

  • send messages from their existing email package
  • receive confirmation when the messages have been received
  • receive replies sent back by mobiles, directly into their email inbox
  • have a permanent record in their email files of all e>texts sent and received.